panda bazaar

Hi ^-^ , I got my stickers in the mail today! You have the smallest handwriting ever! LOL it’s so cute though, but anyways, thank you for the note & I understand that you’ve been busy so I stayed patient! (: Anyways, the stickers are AMAZING. I love them sooo much! I didn’t notice what white strip you were talking about cause I didn’t even notice it… but when I looked to the side I saw it, it’s all fine, it was unnoticable for me at first! I’ll order from you again in the future sometime again, thank you so much again! asdfghjkl; 



How did I miss this submission? So sorry! Thanks for submitting feedback. I apologize that it is published so late. =[ I’m glad you like your stickers, despite the printing error. Thanks for the handwriting compliment. I hope you come back soon for more stickers!

Lame Giveaway~~~

Yay I received my sticker and landyard yesterday!! :D 

This is actually my second time winning the giveaway *^* I felt bad that instead of buying the landyard and sticker, I got them for free D: so guys… her stickers and landyard. They’re very good quality ^^ I’m in love with my landyard~~~hehe



Thanks for complimenting the lanyards. They’re not that great of a quality. Regardless, thanks for participating and submitting feedback. It’s great knowing that people like their prizes.

kpopism-spreader said: ^.^ I got the giveaway prize's. Thank you sooo much for doing this giveaway >.< I'll be sure to shop here! I'll send pictures and feedback when I can! I really enjoyed this thank you once again~

Thanks again for participating in our giveaway, and of course congrats again. We’re glad you like your prize. Come back anytime, especially when we have another giveaway.

Hello~ I recieved my prizes from the giveaway! They are all so awesome and was delivered to my house quickly. Everything was still intact when it reached my house so yay!! Anyways thanks so much for actually holding a giveaway and I will definitely come back to buy more stickers. ^^


Thanks for the stickers compliment. I’m glad you like your prize. Congrats again for winning. We’ll be looking foward to when you buy more stickers.

foreverabonefangirl said: I received my prize package about a week ago! I forgot to tell you since I've been busy with school. Everything came intact and I absolutely love all prizes! Thanks for holding such a lovely giveaway! ^^

You’re very welcome. Thanks for participating in the Lame Giveaway. I’m glad you liked your prize. And don’t worry about posting late. This lazy bum here does it all the time (example: this post)

(: SmileItsPaNhia’s PRIZE ARRIVED! :)


SORRY for the late feedback :(

I actually received the prize on August 29th & it was shipped August 27th! :0

So here are pictures of my AWESOME prize given by Panda Bazaar:



Sorry for the bad quality photo… I don’t like my camera XD

The sticker came out really good! I LOVE IT!!!

Thank you for choosing me as a winner!!! :)


Thanks so much for submitting feedback. I’m sorry for posting this up so late, but I’m really glad you like your price. Come back for more stickers! =]

cammierawrs said: Hihi!! I was one of the winners and i got the prizes today!! Thank you so much!!! ^^

Thanks for telling us! Congrats again for winning Prize D of Level 2 in our Lame Giveaway!

lisafan2009 said: Hey! I received my EXO sticker and my Big Bang lanyard from your giveaway! Thanks a lot!

Woot Woot! Congrats on this lovely lady for winning our Lame Giveaway Level 1! Thanks for telling us and we wish you the best of luck in our future giveaways!

50shadesoftrumanblack said: Hi~! I was one of the winners of the level 2 prizes and I received them today! Thanks so much! ^^

Thanks for telling us! Congrats on winning again. Everyone, this lucky girl won Prize B in our Lame Giveaway Level 2!

Hey! My stickers just came in the mail today. They came in perfect condition, no damage. It was worth the wait for me, I cannot thank you enough :)



Thanks for understanding our slow process. We’re glad that you like your stickers and didn’t mind the wait (that goes for posting this feedback too). It’s been a good couple of weeks, so you better be showing off your APINK and SNSD stickers! Represent those female groups!